SPATCH Equipment Identity Register (EIR) is installed at your site on your virtualized or physical hardware and provides a complete solution for EIR.  

With black, white, and gray list support, stolen or unauthorized handsets can be handled in several different methods.  

SPATCH EIR has many great features and can also be used to trigger third-party OTA events based on new device registration.

EIR Features & Network Diagram

•   Black, white, and grey list support
•   IMEI+IMSI locking to prevent moving SIM cards between devices
•   Web-based UI for list, device, and subscriber management
•   GSMA database integration support for automated GSMA push/pulls
•   TAC support for device identification and capabilities
•   IMEI+IMSI pair tracking to monitor when and in which device a SIM is used
•   IMSI registration tracking and 3rd party hooks to allow integration with other services based on device checkIMEI requests
•   XML API for SOAP integration with third party services and provisioning systems
•   Installs on virtual machine or physical servers