SPATCH Multimedia Messaging Service Center (MMSC), is a companion product with SPATCH SMSC, and is the perfect solution for your MMS needs.

SPATCH MMSC is designed to work with every device, and we make it easy to setup UA Profiles for new devices as they come in. Furthermore, our installed solution will greatly improve your delivery times and the overall reliability of your MMS offering.

Installed at your site, on virtual or physical hardware, every SPATCH MMSC solution includes all of the software, all updates and upgrades, and full 24/7 support.

• Installed at your site, for efficient data delivery and incredible reliability
• Easy to set-up new UAs
• Comes complete with 24/7 tech support and all updates and upgrades
• Works with your SMSC, or with SPATCH SMSC
• Can greatly reduce your cost for MMS