With installations worldwide, SPATCH Short Message Service Center (SMSC) was developed entirely in-house, and is installed at your site on virtual or physical hardware.

SPATCH SMSC is available to carriers for a very reasonable annual fee which includes all of the features, full 24/7 technical support, and all updates. No more costly updates. No more rising support costs. No more aging unsupported systems. And, since our pricing is tied to the number of subscribers that use the SMSC (and not message counts), you'll be able to easily control your SMS costs.

SPATCH SMSC is designed to easily integrate with other applications, content, voice mail, MMS, internal business systems, and more. The flexibility of the solution allows you to implement an SMSC solution that will work seamlessly with all of your other systems.

SPATCH SMSC is the smart choice for carrier-grade SMS solutions. Ask us about a free trial on your virtual machine or on AWS.

SMSC Features & Diagram

•  Support for HTTP TLS polling
•  GSM MAP and IS-41 support in the same platform
•  ITU or ANSI SS7 support
•  M3UA or M2PA SIGTRAN support
•  TS 32.299 diameter prepaid interface
•  Complete message transaction logging
•  Many A2P interfaces (HTTP, XML, SMPP, SNPP)
•  Built-in SMS campaign tool
•  Multiple provisioning options (CLI, Web, XML API, Line API)
•  CALEA law enforcement interface
•  Per-subscriber white and black list filtering
•  Full shell access via SSH provides complete access to all logs and system information
•  Multiple methods to handle number portability
•  Standards based network interfaces (C, H, Sh)
•  SS7 stack supports GSM-MAP and IS-41 at the same time
•  Multiple ESME application interfaces provide application flexibility
•  Standards based monitoring (SNMP/Syslog)
•  Full administrative access via HTTP
•  SSH access for complete control
•  M3UA or M2PA for SIGTRAN connectivity to SS7 network