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Now offering 3GPP AAA

Over 25 Years Of Providing
Solutions For Mobile
Network Operators

Specializing in SMSC, MMSC, SIM OTA, EIR,

Why Hydeco

Every Solution includes everything you will need:

software, periodic updates and upgrades, and full 24/7 technical support. 

  • Offering the industry’s best Technical Support. 
  • Solutions are billed annually or monthly allowing you to spread out your costs.
  • All software, including programming stacks, is written entirely in-house.
  • Virtualized solutions installed at your site or on the cloud host of your choice.
  • Customer systems are always up to date, eliminating the need for costly upgrades down the road.
  • The same people who write our software also perform the technical support, ensuring accuracy and timeliness.
  • Solutions are sized and priced to fit YOUR needs.

Our Products


Designed to easily integrate with other applications, content, voice mail, MMS, internal business systems, and more.


A companion product with SPATCH SMSC — and the perfect solution for your MMS needs. Our installed solution will greatly improve your delivery times and the overall reliability of your MMS offering.


Allows you to control almost any EF or application on your SIM cards — and, like all Hyde Company software, the SIM OTA solution is developed and supported in-house.


With many great features, including the ability to trigger third-party OTA events based on new device registration. With black, white, and gray list support, stolen or unauthorized handsets can be handled in several different methods.  


Running on the same robust server model as our other products, we have built on our experience in telephony core development to bring a stable, robust AAA solution to market.


Supported by Spatch SMSC, our solution allows you to easily integrate your USSD applications for real-time messaging.