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Now offering 3GPP AAA

SIM Over-the-Air

Support many SIM vendors on a single OTA platform.


SIM Over-the-Air

SPATCH SIM Over-the-Air (SIM OTA) solution is a multi-vendor SIM OTA platform allowing you to support many SIM vendors on a single OTA platform. 

Supporting both HTTP-TLS and SMS provisioning of SIM scripts, SPATCH SIM OTA allows you to control almost any EF or application on your SIM cards. And, like all Hyde Company software, the SIM OTA solution is developed and supported in-house.

  • USIM, ISIM, CSIM and ESIM supported
  • Support for HTTP TLS polling
  • Support for SMS OTA delivery
  • Supports multiple SIM vendors in one platform
  • Securely stores TLS and KI keys
  • Dynamic web-based SMS campaign editor
  • Web UI for management and administration
  • Machine to machine API for provisioning automation
  • Support for 3GPP and GlobalPlatform specifications