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Now offering 3GPP AAA

3GPP AAA Server

Bring a stable, robust AAA solution to market.

3GPP AAA Server

The Spatch 3GPP AAA Server was designed to integrate with the PGW/ePDG in most IMS/VoLTE systems as well as support a RADIUS interface for VoWIFI installations.

Running on the same robust server model as the Spatch SMSC, MMSC, and EIR we have built on our experience in telephony core development to bring a stable, robust AAA solution to market.

  • Supports: SWm, S6b, SWx, and RADIUS interfaces
  • GeoIP Lookups and location blocking (with GeoLite2 DB)
  • Support for over 100000 simultaneous user sessions
  • Supports APN name for emergency service triggering as well as emergency AVPs
  • Service controls by MCCMNC
  • Session logging
  • Full SSH access for complete system control